Highest Quality

We are looking for long term cooperation and that’s why we provide The Best Quality Of Chemicals none  , and your final product will valuable.

Competitive Offer

We truly care about our consumers and that’s why we provide  Most Competitive Offer none so our consumers will reduce their production costs and increasing their profits.

Supply Ability

We are here to fully support your orders with our Supply Ability none and that’s why we create valuable consumers.

About Us

Avisa Chemical Company provides chemical solutions to different industries and countries in the world. We supply chemicals with the best quality and most completive offer; with our great supply ability to most countries in the world we make sure to supply the best to our clients.

We supply majority of chemicals such as: Basic Chemicals, Inorganic Chemicals, Organic Chemicals, Specialty Chemicals, Pharmaceutical Chemicals and Minerals. We carefully watch all the steps through our supply, such as: Quality, Packing and Shipping to maintain our long term cooperation with our clients.

In order to satisfy our client needs we send samples for review to make sure we provide our chemical solutions according to their specification requirements. All of our shipment is done according to the incoterms published by International Chamber of Commerce (ICC).


  • Maintaining Quality
  • Competitive Offer
  • Suitable Packing
  • Supply Ability